The Subtle Art of Punctuation

I've always hated exclamation points. I guess hate is a strong term. I STRONGLY DISLIKE!!! them. Their general overuse has always bothered me. Unless you're really damn mad or crazy excited and you can't express it any other way, I personally don't like to see very many of them.

Periods are cool. Periods can express subtly, sarcasm and dark humor. It can be dangerous though, writing with periods. People generally take you very seriously when you write with all periods. If you try to throw in the aforementioned subtlety, sarcasm or dark humor, you risk being misinterpreted and offensive.

In today's world you can be more expressive with emoticons/emojis, which helps a little (unless you choose the wrong ones in an attempt to express subtlety, sarcasm or dark humor). At least with these, people can tell when you are kidding most of the time. It can be a dangerous spiral though. Use too many emoticons or emojis and people think you are flaky (I myself have been guilty of this).

I'd like to see what kind of chaos would ensue if people purposely started using the wrong emoticons and emojis (and yes there is a difference). Or what if everyone just started making up random emoticons and emojis to fit their specific needs and no one else understood them.

Now that pretty much everything is custom-made-to-fit-everyone's-individual-needs-every-moment-of-every-day-all-the-time, I think punctuation should be too. I mean who cares if people really understand what you are getting at? As long as you can express yourself freely... why take anyone else's interpretation or thought process into account?

So just express yourself in whatever way you see fit and everyone else be damned. As long as whatever you say goes viral it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

(See? I used periods in that last bit. Was I expressing sarcasm there? Or dark humor? You'll never really know. And I don't care anyway.)

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