Grow Your Artistic Pumpkin Patch

I highly value artistic sincerity. In a world that screams "LOOK AT ME NOW!" and "MONEY IS ALL THAT MATTERS!" I am truly inspired by integrity, simplicity, hard work and value. That sounds so old school, and it's definitely not very glamorous in today's world. (Cue old lady "Back in my day...I walked 10 miles to school with no shoes on in the snow!" voice here).

When I am struggling to create something, or heck, just struggling to exist sometimes, I often feel like Linus in the Pumpkin Patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. I find myself sitting alone amongst my inspirations, soaking them in with a quiet faith that everything will be ok.

Sometimes, also like Linus, people aren't going to support you and your creative ideas. Sometimes you have to wait in the dark and cold of the pumpkin patch while your friends are trick-or-treating. You have to believe in something and surround yourself with the things that give you the courage to move forward, or the faith that the goodness is somewhere out there.

Here's the thing about inspirations, or muses or whatever the heck you want to call them: They mean a lot more to you than they ever will to most other people, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't believe in them and it definitely doesn't mean that you shouldn't share them. It's not always possible to express the impact that certain things have on your life or your way of being. On your end though, you can let those artistic "pumpkins" fill you up and spill out in your own artistry or more importantly spill out of who you are.

Don't be afraid to be inspired. Don't be afraid to create and be a part of a larger web of inspiration. Be open and excited about what inspires you and in turn you may inspire someone else. You may even inspire the people that inspire you if you let them know how they are impacting your life. (Did your head just explode there? Now say "inspire the people that inspire you" 10x fast.)

Maybe, just maybe, by believing in your inspirational "pumpkins" the Great Pumpkin will come. If not, it's ok to just sit quietly in your patch. Love your pumpkins. Tend to them and they in turn will fill you up and help you keep on keepin' on. And as you are submersing yourself in your own inspirations, don't forget to share! Whether it's through conversations, social media, or through your own actions,  be a conscious part of something larger than yourself.

So where is the value in what you are doing? What is in your pumpkin patch of inspiration? What really matters to you? Is it people? Is it ideas? Is it a song? Write it down. Believe in it. Then share it. Pass it along.

The give and take of creativity is a beautiful thing.

Here is a totally random sampling of just a few of the creative pumpkins that are currently inspiring me in one way or another and keeping me going a little bit every day (in no particular order):

Pink Floyd : This one in particular This one's been on the list since I was about 14. I always circle back to it for inspiration. Always.
Peter Gabriel: This one and this one I've loved PG since I was 9. His music inspires, but more importantly his activism inspires. He uses his voice to make a positive difference. So cool.
Tom Waits: This one in particular I can't explain my love for this guy. It just is. He's deep, he's eccentric, he is my spirit animal. ;)
Leonard Cohen: This one in particular Someone recently told me that my artwork reminded them of this video. I'd never seen it. Now I watch it all the time.

The Twilight Zone. Existential angst and human tragedy disguised in the form of mainstream science fiction. What's not to love about that?

Meridee Winters School of Music My "day job" for 17+ years. Kids. Music. Creativity. I believe in it. Always have.

Red Door Photography: Where Life Becomes Art Some of my favorite people in the world. I've loved watching their photography business grow and flourish. They take the best, most creative photos of our family!
The Record Company: These in particular Watching these sincerely talented and humble people succeed from the ground up has been a true pleasure! I love their music and listen to it a lot when I need a creative boost.

Katrina Rodabaugh: Fiber Art. Sustainability. Slow Fashion. Beauty, simplicity and artistry. What's not to love? Just looking at her work calms my soul.

A Prayer for Owen Meany - John Irving Doubt vs. faith vs. fate. A recurring theme in my life.

John Fetterman Practicing the art of dedicating your life to making things better for other people.

This song by Tom Petty - TP's voice is the embodiment of sincerity to me. This song has been a favorite for ages.

This song by Death Cab for Cutie Sincere, honest, sad, beautiful. I sing harmonies to this in my car a lot. (I do my best singing in my car.)

There are so many more, but these are in my patch at the moment. They are always evolving, so check back in a few months (or decades) to see what has changed.

In the mean time - what's in your pumpkin patch? I'd love to know.

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