Your Underappreciated Momativity


Art is not just paint on a canvas, a musical performance or carefully choreographed dance steps. So much about everyday life is art. Art and creativity are everywhere and everything. (Sir Ken Robinson says so, so it must be true.)

Mom art.

Becoming a mom is inherently creative. Being a mom and living the day-in and the day-out is an art. (Dads - you are crazy creative too, but I just happen to be a mom so I can speak more eloquently to that point.)

What could possibly be more creative than making and then raising a HUMAN BEING? Once that human being enters the world, you enter a constant spiral of creativity. How do you make them comfortable? How do you get them to sleep? How do you get them to stop crying? How do you get them to eat solid food? How to you navigate the birthdays? The holidays? That baby proofing? The changing tastes in food? The monsters in the closet? The school bully? The teen angst? Your personal creativity grows every day, sometimes every MINUTE, by leaps and bounds.

Our style as moms is inherently creative. Some of us paint our corners of the world with meticulous, well crafted realism. Others of us paint with the fast, colorful post impressionistic strokes of Van Gogh. Some of us have the soft, maternal style of a Renoir, or the OCD-like pointillism of a Seurat. Some of us just throw paint at a canvas like Jackson Pollack to see what sticks. The point is that we each have our own distinct artistic styles. Our own brand of Momativity. It is all art, it is all creative and it is all beautiful.

Every mom I know is a creative genius. From the time your kids enter the world, you are a part of the most vibrant, creative group of people on the planet. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind of existing, and politics, and after school activities, and groceries, and work, and whatever-the-hell-else, and forget that. I highly doubt anyone ever stops you on the street and tells you that you are a creative genius. It's rare that anyone is going to compliment your ability to keep your toddler entertained while you are at the grocery store, give you a high five for figuring out how to sneak vegetables into ketchup or tell you you are a creative genius for the intricate system of recipe organization that you built.

But you are a creative genius.

You started being one the moment your child was born and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Maybe you’re not crafty, or artsy, or musical, but you are a beautiful, creative, wonderful mom. You might not get a prize for it or have your own TV show, but what you are doing is far more creative and far more important. So celebrate your Momativity. Practice it with pride.

It is the greatest, most under-recognized art in the world.

© 2016 Krysta Bernhardt. All Rights Reserved.