Life Fuels Art Fuels Art Fuels Life

Krysta Bernhardt

I love art. A lot. I have so many artistic things I want to accomplish. My goals often seem elusive so much of the time. They always seem tiny and in the far distant future somewhere. There are so many stumbling blocks, messy splotches and "stuff" cluttering life up. It's far too easy to fall into a cycle of complaining about everything that is not getting done. 

When you have goals, whatever they are, it often seems like life is in the way of getting done everything that you want to get done. Ironically enough, the stumbling blocks and messy life moments are the fuel that feeds your art. I KNOW this deep down, but it's hard to wrap my head around it sometimes.

Contrary to popular opinion, life is not full of tripping hazards. It's full of beauty and pain and sadness and joy. It's full of kids and parents and family and food. It's full of walking and driving and errands and chores. There's traveling and music and work and friends. There are times of warmth and safety, and times of despair. There are diapers and dances and friends and fights. There are times filled with so much anger, and so much love.

The question ultimately is, do you make art despite life? Or because of it? 

Life is your palette and the messy splotches that are screwing up all the best laid plans are the colors that you've been given to mix and play and create with.

So maybe art really isn't about the goals at all. Maybe it's about the stumbles and the interruptions and all those colorful moments. It's about bedtime with your kids and driving to dance class. It's about getting the work done and cooking dinner. It's about that baby being born or that heart shattering funeral.

So even though it seems sometimes like the goals are drifting away, maybe the real goal is to figure out how to ingest and then express all those amazing, heart exploding moments in an even more beautiful way. The real goal is to pay attention.

If you ignore the colors on the palette in service of only the GOALS, I think you are entirely missing the point. If you spend all that precious time complaining about NOT GETTING THINGS DONE, it's the equivalent of taking that beautiful palette and throwing it on the floor and walking away.

Of course you have to carve out the time to process and make your art, but not completely at the expense of the life moments. Those moments are the supplies that help you create in the first place. 

Without all those "interruptions", you'd just have an empty canvas. 



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