It's the Little Things


We hear it all the time in memes and pretty online posts: The little things are actually the big things. That's really nice to say, but do we really live that way? REALLY? 

With social media so deeply entrenched in our psyches now, it's super easy to like and support the big, pretty stuff that people do. Your friend is a creative genius and super successful *LIKE!* Someone you know wrote a book *LIKE!* Someone, anyone, did something BIG and NOTEWORTHY *LIKE!*... or better yet LOVE and add a HEART!

It's also super easy to overlook the many, many people who are quietly doing excellent (offline) things every single day. THESE are the people who truly make me want to be a better person. Don't get me wrong, I am inspired by the big things (some, not all) but I am far more inspired by the people who every day are working and contributing in the best way they know how.

People give you huge props when you do something big and visable. They also give you huge props when your life hits rock bottom and you are able to turn it around. People give you tons of positive feedback for accomplishing something shiny and LARGE. No one ever gives you props for just being consistently, predictably, quietly excellent. There's no glory in that, yet millions of people do it every day.

So here's to the people that are kind, and giving and quietly wonderful and positively showing up every day of their lives. You don't get recognized for it. You won't get trophies or award shows in your honor, or a special spot in the news...

...but I, for one, see you.

Friend who is fostering children, mom who is selflessly, patiently raising and educating kids and showing up every minute of every day, single parent who is raising kids on your own, single woman who quietly runs a kick-ass business in a man's world, parent who commutes 90 minutes each way to work to support your family, parents who both work full time to build a positive life for your family and make ends meet, dad who puts aside your worries to tuck your kids in each night...

I see you. Every day.

Even though the wider world might be too distracted by the big shiny stuff to see what you do as significant, know that it most definitely is.

Keep being quietly excellent.

You're inspiring more people than you know.


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