It's just a...

It's "just" a song.
It's "just" a dance.
It's "just" a painting.
It's "just" a poem.
It's "just" an idea.
It's "just" a moment.
It's "just" a life.

I used to teach piano lessons. For a couple of years I taught a little girl. One day I showed up for her lesson and everyone was in tears. It turns out that was the day her dad – a vibrant, funny, creative man – was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

In the coming weeks the little girl's mom asked me to keep showing up for lessons. So each week I showed up. Some weeks they would welcome me in and the little girl and I would skip the lesson books and play musical games to keep her mind off things. Some weeks things were just too hard and they would send me quietly away. On the weeks she and I were together, we talked about her dad. One week we started to write a song. The little girl spoke of how much her dad meant to her and about how much fun they had together, and about special times they'd shared. I copied down her words and we put them to music. She drew him a picture. She told me that she would play her song for her Dad after I left. I didn't ever see him again.

One day, not long after, I showed up for her lesson and the mom came to the door. She could barely speak. It turns out that was the day the little girl's dad had died.

The significance of the creation that the little girl and I shared still takes my breath away. I can still barely think about it without tearing up. I hope deep down that the little girl's dad got to hear her special song fully and completely before he passed. There is no way to ever really know.

When I think of this, I think about the fact that an act of creation is never "just" a song, or a "just" a moment or "just" an insignificant thing. Someone is impacted by what you create. Someone needs it. In this case the act of creation helped a little girl cope with the impending loss of her father. I hope it helped her father pass on knowing what a sparkling, special little being he had created. Sometimes a creation might "just" be the tiny spark that someone needs to get them through their day.

Whatever and wherever you are, what you are creating is impacting someone.

And it is important.

So keep creating. The ripple you make will be bigger than you know.

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