"If you build it, they will come."

The picture above is of my creative art space. It's nothing special. I set it up about 12 years ago and it functioned as a creative space for about a year. It's made of recycled parts from an old desk, a couple of 2x4's and a stool from IKEA. About a year after setting up the space, I started having kids and I spent all of my time creating memories with them. I completely forgot about the creative space. The creative space got boxed up and it became a tool shelf. Then eventually the creative space became a great place to store our printers (because when printers are within arms reach, little kids like to reach into them to find out how they work. I found that out the hard way). That is where the creative space stayed for a long time: between the tools and the bikes, covered with printers, cartridges, a pile of empty picture frames and some old sheet music. 

Recently I realized I had years and years of creative "stuff" building up inside of me. I was feeling anxious and sad and I couldn't pinpoint why. My life is good and my family is awesome and healthy. After some reflection, I realized that I really missed my creative space. I decided to dust it off and make it mine again. I threw out a bunch of stuff we no longer needed, I moved the printers across the room, I cleaned off the space and started to transform it. Within a day I once again had a tiny, creative space that I could call my own. 

The day after that, the kids moved in. They decided that my creative space was pretty cool and that they wanted to use it too. I found my oldest kid drawing cartoons in the creative space. The next day I found my other kid happily working on a plan for a complicated domino setup. It turns out that by making my own creative space, I am encouraging the little people in my life to be creative too... and really, what could be better than that?

So today my creative space looks a little different than it did 12 years ago... and that's ok. Because I recreated the space, not only am I creating something almost every day, but my kids are drawn to the space and they are creating something every day too. So we share.

Making a creative space in your life, no matter how tiny, will encourage you to create. As it turns out it also encourages the people around you to be creative too. So make a tiny creative space in your life... and see what happens...

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