Grey: It's Complicated.

As the political season heats up in the good old US of A, I am once again reminded how much I appreciate the color grey. I like grey walls and grey sweaters and grey socks. I like grey, overcast skies with grey clouds. I like grey eyes and grey hair. I especially respect grey ideas.

I like grey because as colorful as the world is, and as simple as we'd like everything to be, everything important really always boils down to different shades of grey. It's very rare that anything in this world is truly black or white or one solid shade of anything. Grey adds shade and complexity to the solid colors and grey ties the black and white together.

Say what you want, but one of the beauties of this world is that it's complicated. It is also vividly colorful. People are complicated and vividly colorful. Ideas are complicated and vividly colorful. Every day, as right as we each think we are, and as simple and as black and white as we'd like everything to be, we are all challenged to look at things we don't necessarily want to see. We are challenged to look at all of the blinding color and then spend time contemplating the grey areas and it makes us uncomfortable.

There have been times where this very thing has made me want to hide my head in the sand like an ostrich and run away screaming from the complexity and ambiguity. As I get older I have come to realize that while the world is a colorful place, most of the best living and understanding is done in the grey areas.

The key is that if you can learn to live in and understand the grey and all it's varied and complicated shades, you begin to truly see the real color that the world has to offer. It is by trying to force everything to be one particular "right" shade that people become cruel, dismissive and destructive.

Then again, maybe that's a cop out. Maybe I need to just pick a color and define my life with it. Then I can spend my time trying to convince every other person why my shade is the right one. I am of the mindset that every person on this planet has a different, vivid, beautiful shade. Every. One.

Sometimes we have similar enough hues that we can hover together in our spot on the color wheel and think that as a group we are the best color there is, but even within that you'll find that the person standing next to you is just a little lighter, a little darker or has a little more pink, purple or blue in their tone than you might like.

So I try to live my life solidly in the grey. I like standing in the grey because from that vantage point I can see all of the different, vivid shades, colors and complexities that the world has to offer. And there are many colors and complexities... probably many more than I can even fathom within my lifetime. But that is what makes the world so interesting. And sad. And beautiful. And heartbreaking. And wonderful.

Embrace the grey and the true color will come.

© 2016 Krysta Bernhardt. All Rights Reserved.