Be a Sustainable Super Hero

Everything is happening now. Everything needs our attention NOW.

Stay informed. Stay activated. Stay vigilant. Educate yourself. Stay passionate. Work toward everything in your life. Work on everything that's wrong with the world. Be everything to everyone because you want to. You NEED to. You HAVE to. The world is telling you you SHOULD.

I hesitate to say this because I am sure it will be JUDGED, but living in a perpetual state of all-consuming urgency is entirely unsustainable.

The world is SCREAMING 24/7 that whatever you are doing is NOT ENOUGH! Everyone needs to be a WARRIOR. RIGHT!!!! NOW!!!! Forget the fact that you have a job that requires overtime, bills, kids, responsibilities, elderly parents who require care, a house that's falling apart, family, commitments, food to buy, food to make, sleep to try to get and the list goes on and on and on (and those are just my few things, I am sure you have your own unique issues to deal with).

We absolutely always, ALWAYS need warriors to loudly change things from the top down... ALWAYS! (did I mention always?) We need people to use their voices and their platforms to stand up for important causes. We need people to be vigilant and loudly stand up for what they believe in. It's super important and it always will be. It is our right and our responsibility to do these things. It's our responsibility to stand up for people who need us and who can't always stand up for themselves.

The thing I've been giving a lot of thought to lately is that we also always need change from the bottom up. Every day we need people taking care of their responsibilities and their families and their communities. Every day we need people to be kind. We need people who, if they physically can't get to or can't afford to get to that march for whatever cause they believe in, or they don't have that large platform to work on change for something they feel is important, can quietly make their corner more peaceful, kinder, cleaner, more creative, more accepting, more giving or whatever else. Every day, every small positive change that each person makes adds up.

I think that it's almost easier to be a super, crazy cool, larger than life, creative genius of a superhero when there is something big to save and lots of motivation to save it. In many ways I believe it's harder to be a normal human hero and be in it for the long haul. How do you become a sustainable super hero, every day, until forever, even when the motivation isn't there and even when the outside world has moved on to "the next big thing"?


If we only ever have people loudly yelling and changing things from the top down, we may see big change at first, but consistent, long term change requires commitment and change from both directions. Even with the best of intentions, I imagine that the general population will quickly tire of being yelled at by the creative genius, crazy cool super heroes. I also imagine that many of the amazing, bright, super-warriors will burn so brightly that they will eventually burn out and change will come to a grinding halt. I've seen it happen again and again. People with the best of intentions give and give and give until they burn up their resources and have to stop all together. Or worse, they become so bitter and jaded at the lack of appreciation for all they have given that they go in the opposite direction and become a negative drain on the world.

Imagine though, if on the gigantic pyramid of life, the entire base of humanity started a huge, positive backlash of small, sustainable actions. Every. Day. (Or how about forwardlash? That sounds so much more uplifting). I have been starting to see it all around me, and I LOVE IT. What if the ENTIRE base of humanity started a wave of everyday, small, sustainable, creative and positive changes - and not just around the holidays, but EVERY DAY, forever and always? What if we all could challenge each other to sustain small, creative, positive changes every day for the rest of our lives? The change would be insurmountably evident everywhere in the world.

I'm reminded of the saying "Think globally, act locally". Every day pick just one thing you can do in the areas that are important to you. Just one. Think long-term sustainability for your positive actions in both your life and in the lives of the people around you. This is something you can do right now. This is something you can do tomorrow and the day after that. That is something EVERYONE can sustain.

So often those of us who live small, less-than-visable lives feel powerless. Or we feel like if we can't do something monumental then it's not worth the effort. Or (like me) you often feel paralyzed into non-action because you are so overwhelmed at all of the choices in front of you and you're listening to all of the people screaming about which cause is most important and you don't know where to begin. You overthink each part and stall yourself for fear of doing the wrong thing.

So stop. Turn off the "should dos". Don't be paralyzed with indecision. DO. Think about what's most important to you and pick one small thing you can do right now. Make one donation. Make one call. Kiss your kid. Call your mom. Buy coffee for a stranger. Recycle something. Do one positive thing right now and then set yourself a reminder for tomorrow to do something else. Then teach your kid, or someone else's kid, or your friend or your neighbor through your example to do one small good thing a day too and pass it on.

As time moves on it all adds up. And who knows? Maybe you will grow into a bigger than life super warrior! Or maybe your tiny snowflake will join with the person next to you to form a ball and that ball will start an avalanche. Wouldn't that be amazing?  (Yeah - I know there are current political implications with the whole "snowflake" thing, but get over it. It's just an analogy. Snowflakes are beautiful and it was the best thing I could think of.)

So now we all need to keep each other motivated to be heroes every day. Super easy - right? (*kidding*)

What's your sustainable superhero moment for today? 

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