...And a Will-Full New Year

In the New Year...

I will not let the ugliness of the world break me.

I will teach my kids that the world is not a horrible place where no one can make a positive difference.

I will believe that people have some streak of good in them, no matter how misguided they might be.

I will never think that there is a clear, easy answer to anything that doesn't require thoughtfulness and compromise.

I will not judge without first seeking to understand.

I will not be pigeonholed into society's stereotypes of what a mom, wife, woman or artist should be. 

I will continue to be a positive force of change. 

I will refuse to sit in silence when there is too much good music in the world.

I will age gracefully, artfully and awesomely.

I will exercise for strength, mental health and so I can get up off the floor after playing with my kids (which hurts more than I'd like to admit these days).

I will refuse to do all the dishes when there is a creative project at hand.

I will never use pesticides on the dandelions. 

I will hug my kids every day right after they wake up. And before they go to sleep. And any other time they need it.

I will dance while making dinner.

I will sing in the car loudly and often.

I will not listen to my negative inner voice.

I will work past my own limitations of doubt, shame, worry, fear and judgement. I will let other people handle that. I need my energy for other, more important things.

I will create.

I will be myself because that is enough.

I will revel in the success of friends.

I will mourn for the loss of those gone.

I will be thankful for the time spent with everyone through it all.

Thanks to everyone who is and has been a part of my journey on this rock, no matter how large or small a part you might play. You are each important and seen and appreciated. Let's keep making the world better. It’s all we have.

Grow, give, laugh, cry, love, learn, BE.

Bring it New Year. 

© 2016 Krysta Bernhardt. All Rights Reserved.